Urban Tailor: Custom Tailored Casual Clothing

"We believe that in this time of collectivism the only true luxury in our life is individuality... It is the individual only who is timeless."

I love these guys already. I'm a huge fan of jackets and wow, there are zillions of choices out there. Most of them in my opinion, don't quite make the cut. If you're looking for a bespoke hoodie, check out Urban Tailor, based out of Bangkok. If anything, check out their website just to see the beautiful photograph on their landing page. Read more at Thrillist.


Supra NS

Supra NS sneaks. Love them. Check out the Supra NS and Supra footwear sites.


Japan Fashion Week 2008: Somarta by Tamae Hirokawa

This is Issey Miyake's protege Tamae Hirokawa's 2008 collection. Somarta was started in 2006 and apparently just keeps on getting better. Images from the Japan Fashion Week site.

Japan Fashion Week 2008: ato by Ato Matsumoto

I love this collection by Ato Matsumoto. It is a perfect balance of color, texture and layering. Images from the Japan Fashion Week site.


Japan Fashion Week 2008: Raphus Cucu by Eriko Isoya

So the hair is a cross between Marie-Antoinette and a Busby hat worn by the Queen's Guard (mostly known to tourists as the guys who stand outside of Buckingham Palace) but what is fashion without fantasy or the fantastic? The hair seems to work and this collection is beautiful. There is the black sweater with a pattern that reminds me of galaxies or stars, the silky white drop waist dress with marine blues and the solid chocolate brown outfit looks wonderfully soft.

Images are from the Japan Fashion Week site.


Vivienne Westwood Knuckle Duster

An amazing ring by Vivienne Westwood. It's actually a knuckle duster that also stacks to become a single ring. I prefer it in gold but it also comes in silver (see below).

(Images are from Luxjoias)


Sruli Recht Shoes

Sruli Recht: an intriguing label at times using some rather fashion forward materials. Beautiful shoes, but definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Personally, I love the design of these shoes and boots. Read more here.


Gola + Jonathan Saunders

It's pretty unbelievable that this is my first post about sneakers. These are a line of footwear for Gola by Jonathan Saunders. The first sneaker reminds me so much of Piet Mondrian's work. Check out an article by the JC Report for more information on this new Gola line as well as other sportswear companies that have paired with designers to produce some pretty fantastic sneaks.


Georges Hobeika - S/S 08 Haute Couture

See more of Georges Hobeika's show here and at his website.

Cathy Pill - S/S 08 Haute Couture

Check out a few more images from the show or visit her website.