Art Chicago/NEXT: Sandra Fettingis

These photographs do not do justice to Sandra's wonderful laser cut acrylic pieces. Her work ranges from sleek, flat and subtle to popping, optical illusions. The first two photos are of 1" pins she had for the public to take with them. She also had on a pair of lovely silver frames as well as a great asymmetrical haircut - next time I'll definitely snap a photo of her.

Please check out more of her work here.


Fred Perry, Lacoste and Superga at oki-ni

Check out some delicious new shoes at oki-ni... Crazy about the grey Lacostes.


Sruli Recht: ~Elt Buckleless Belt

Meet the wonderful ~Elt by Sruli Recht. The first buckleless belt fashioned in leather and cut using a super fine jet of water.

" ~Elt is an exploration in removing the function from the function... In designing belts the challenge came that there must be a way to do away with the buckle, and create a symmetric flat strong tie, without any additions. Looking at the woven fingers of my locked hand pent in thought, the idea was found."

Available in the US at BBlessing. See more images and read more here.


NEXT Art Fair After Party: Peregrine Honig at Tony Fitzpatrick's Studio/Big Cat Press

I met the very cute and sweet Peregrine Honig at a NEXT after party and we bonded over her glowing sphere/LED/battery powered necklace. I also love her vest, by Ari Fish for her line Made in America. The dull silver material reminds me of Tyvek, the detail and stitching throughout the vest is a wonderful intricate geometric pattern (check out the profile shot of the hood). Her lovely bag is by bess + loie and we bonded over its perfect fit for small girls who love bigger bags. Her awesome little cowboy boots are vintage Acme.

Please check out Peregrine's store, birdies panties, in Kansas City and the website.


Hikaru Matsumura: Unique Bag Project

"According to designer Hikaru Matsumura, "There are many good bags, but very few with wit." To address this void in the accessories market, Matsumura, who has designed at Issey Miyake since 1993, conceived of the Unique Bag Project, playing matchmaker with an artisan baseball glove maker in Osaka and handbag craftsmen from the Issey Miyake umbrella."

Check out the rest of this article about Hikaru Matsumura's incredible line of bags. Love them!


Milan Design Week 08 - Jaime Hayon for Bisazza

Oh Bissaza, how I love thee. Always pressing forward into the realm of fantasy, fine art and design. This amazing installation by Jaime Hayon for Bisazza is called Jet Set.

Check out the article at dezeen. Images are from designboom.


noir - illuminati 2

Noir is pretty much everything eco fashion should be. There is no adherence to the idea that eco fashion needs to remain within some given aesthetic. Fashion + sustainability can = luxury and high fashion. I've admired this brand for a long time and here they are in all their glory. These images are from the Noir Transparent collection. Please check out their lovely site.


Globalight by Karim Rashid for Veuve Clicquot

Chandelier + champagne holder!! Check out the article at cool hunting.


Tokujin Yoshioka's Crystal Forest for Swarovski

Tokujin Yoshioka has been a favorite designer of mine for a long time. This man is ridiculously talented. Incidentally, his work reminds me of Tara Donovan's artwork. This is Tokujin's Crystal Forest for Swarovski in the Ginza district.

Check out the interview and additional images at dezeen.


J Smith Esquire: Bespoke Millinery

Check out Justin Smith's site as well as this really wonderful video from his runway show called Dance With Me.


Hederus for K-Swiss at oki-ni

oki-ni has been a favorite site of mine for a long, long time now. They often have really great collaborations and special collections designed exclusively for them. Right now they are having an exclusive launch of footwear by Julia Hederus for K-Swiss. Check out these amazing sneaks, as they say, they are: most definitely the ultimate 'classic with a twist'.