Givenchy: Spring 2010 Haute Couture

I just love Ricardo Tisci's latest Couture collection for Givenchy. I've included a few detail shots that showcase the amazing sculptural quality and beautiful detailing that can be lost by simply looking at an overall shot of a garment. 

See the entire collection here.


Beijing Noodle No. 9

Designed by design spirits, based out of Tokyo, Bejing Noodle No. 9 is a restaurant located in (of all places) Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. I absolutely love the glowing, ethereal and ornate quality of the space contrasted with a very subtle, minimalist color palette and furniture/flooring. (via we heart

Thanks to Randy for the link!


Yumi at Wacker + Dearborn

I caught Yumi on a couple of days and loved both outfits for different reasons. First was her wonderful use of a very appropriate Chicago winter accessory: the scarf. Instead of the typical relaxed, thrown around the neck style, she's belted her printed scarf to create a long, lean silhouette reinforced by geometric prints and minimalist black and white. Her second outfit was black on black, which is always the fail safe plan. But the difference is in the details (as always). The belted, banded dress and amazing booties make this monochromatic outfit stand out.


Graham on Lake

After a wonderful end to 2009, where things sort of came full circle, I'm excited to start fresh, new postings in 2010.

I spied sweet, smiley Graham on a quick errand over lunch. The first thing that caught my eye was the thick, cozy scarf that topped off a narrow silhouette. Then I noticed he had dressed in a gradient; one of my favorite things!