Coming soon to oki-ni

Oki-ni will be unveiling a whole new look very, very soon with a new model/muse to showcase all their products. What I'm also very excited to see are a slew of 1 off items they will be introducing to celebrate their 7th birthday as well as the 1 year anniversary since their relaunch. They are also adding some new brands to their stable. They include: Common Projects, Tonite, Kling by Kling, as well as a special project by Wong Kar Wai for Opening Ceremony exclusively for Oki-ni!!

What you're seeing from top to bottom are shoes from Common Projects and illustrations from Kling by Kling from the Ice Scream collection SS07, VIRUS collection AW07, The Land of Dreams collection AW08.


CINA by Jason Wright-St. Clair & Leslie Leung

You're seeing some really wonderful product design by CINA, a New Zealand company founded in 2007 by designers Jason Wright-St. Clair and Leslie Leung. Based in Tokyo, these two designers "share a strong vision to create beautiful design based on the concept of making everyday tasks more pleasurable." What I love about these products is the combination of simplicity and complexity in the design which points to both minimalism and the baroque, the use of repetition and pattern and the use of the latest technology and digital manufacturing (ie. laser cutting) for production. How awesome is the laser cut sink plug with the baroque wallpaper like pattern?

From top to bottom: table mat made from laser cut beech wood, coaster made from laser cut beech wood/plastic, a selection of products by CINA, sink plug made from laser cut plastic, USB drive made from laser sintered nylon, split ruler made from laser cut beech wood.

Please download their new catalog and read more here.