Nomenus Quarterly: Mike & Doug Starn

Nomenus Quarterly is a stunning publication by Erik Madigan Heck. Here is a description taken from the site and as you'll see I'm continuing to post about interdisciplinary work (because that's really where it's at!):

"Nomenus Quarterly is a collaborative publication and platform, working with artists of all mediums and disciplines within the worlds of fine-arts and fashion... Nomenus was conceived initially as a location where commercial artists could be viewed in a more personal and intimate manner, focusing on the physical act of creation, and utilizing a more classical cannon of aesthetics. All works presented in Nomenus are created for each edition, or are previously unpublished".

I've chosen to feature works from the archive and work my way to the most recent issue. Since I've shown photographs from the first issue available online in my Maison D'Esprit post I'm posting images from a fascinating interview with artists Mike & Doug Starn.

The Starn brothers are identical twins and have been working within the space of photography, sculpture and painting. Conceptually their work has focused on exploring the representation of the cycle of time, change and age (Stephen Wirtz Gallery).

The images I've posted are from a body of work that deals with capturing snowflakes called alleverythingthatisyou. By reading the interview, you will get a sense of how long the process was to just technically make this series happen. It took five years before this body of work materialized; three years were spent experimenting and building the camera that made this possible.

I love these photographs because of the seeming permanence they give to a completely impermanent phenomenon. They are delicate, beautiful and presented in a way where they are jewel like. This last quality was an interesting entry point into fashion I thought. As I looked at the images I chose to post, I started thinking about how much they look like little jewels and started referencing even something as specific as Tiffany's style of presenting jewelry.

Please visit the publication online to discover more and look out for more posts about Nomenus very soon.

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