Sruli Recht Exclusive: Ísbjörn/ Icebear

I am so pleased and honored to bring you an exclusive post about a new product from Sruli Recht's studio.

Sruli Recht and Birkiland present Ísbjörn/ Icebear. This is a limited edition project of 10 rugs. Made from 15 Icelandic sheepskin, they have been cut up and sewn to mimic the diagrammatic posters that old butchers used to inform customers of what part of the animal they were buying to consume. This is a project that makes use of waste materials since the sheepskin used for these rugs are a by-product of the meat industry in Iceland.

"[W]hen you look inside a fur jacket and between the lining, the first thing you notice is this luxurious, high priced garment is made up of hundreds of tiny scraps of skin sewn together. Though it looks like one pelt on the outside, a fur garment is made of scrap and waste." A wonderful play on and commentary about the luxury fur industry "this product plays with this exact idea of waste products sold as luxury products."

As always, I'm so excited to talk about anything coming out of this studio. Inventive, witty, gorgeously designed, conceptually rich - needless to say I'm a huge fan.

Packed and ready to ship, look for Ísbjörn/ Icebear coming soon to Birkiland.

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