London Fashion Week: Richard Nicoll A/W 2009

"With every season, Richard Nicoll's work has been steadily becoming more solidly convincing and wearable—while also getting more inventive each time. It takes some daring, for instance, to make a winter collection more or less entirely in cream and shell pink, and even more to carry it off into the kind of structured clothes, like trenchcoats and streamlined dresses, he's never really made before. But the coats, with their exaggerated storm flaps, and the slick overlays of PVC and sly references to corsetry, looked so chic they could shine on any runway of New York or Paris. And as for the color combinations, well, isn't the world already pleading for some alternative to black and gray?" (

The blurry, black and white pieces feature prints of Fifties pin-up girls – a collaboration with the British artist Linder. (WWD)

Check out Richard Nicoll's site.

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