Elie Top for Baccarat: Bouchons de Carafe

I love this incredible collection by Elie Top for Baccarat. Here are some excerpts about Top's inspiration from Baccarat's site as well as a gorgeous video directed by Benjamin Audour.

"For the first time, Baccarat, renowned for its unique expertise and bold creativity in the making of fine crystal, has turned to Elie Top, jewelry and accessories designer for prominent fashion houses. In their continued interest and support of talented young designers, Baccarat asked Elie Top to create a jewelry line interpreting the Baccarat spirit in his own way... 

The collection draws masterfully on Baccarat’s design heritage with the "bouchon de carafe" motif. Its French name refers to the stoppers made for the fine crystal bottles that graced luxurious dining tables and elegant dressing tables in bygone days. Remarkable for their purity of line, these “stoppers” gleam with pristine reflections of light. After visiting a Baccarat exhibit of crystal brandy decanters and perfume bottles, all created between 1910 and 1920, Elie Top was inspired by those he admired most. 

"I decided to go back to Baccarat’s roots”, said the designer,”for me, the name Baccarat suggests chandeliers, gleaming facets and French-style luxury. I aimed to revive these design codes, but with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. In French, one says that a diamond is "as big as a decanter stopper!”... “The collection is a light-hearted take on this expression, as well as a respectful tribute to Baccarat." 


  1. Amazingly beautiful - stunning! Thank you for posting!

    xx SS

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    Happy I found your blog! It's lovely! Thank you for sharing good inspiration! I love these rings!

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  3. @SS: Thank you! I love it too!

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