Lancôme + Yayoi Kusama Juicy Tubes

I'm in love with these new limited edition Juicy Tubes by Yayoi Kusama. She is an amazing artist that I've followed for years and this is the perfect example of a successful artist/brand collaboration. Not only are they beautifully designed with cute, quirky illustrations but they are also earth friendly!

"They teamed up with super-big-in-Japan artist Yayoi Kusama for a limited-edition line of display-worthy, mini Juicy Tubes. But besides being adorned with Kusama's adorably dotted and nature-inspired artwork, the honey and shea butter-infused glosses are also 100% natural origin and preservative-free. That means the formula, flavors (hazelnut cacao, apricot, honey, raspberry, vanilla, and grapefruit), and pigments are all naturally based. Plus, the Juicy Tube's cardboard packaging are certified eco-friendly by the Forest Stewardship Council" (via Refinery 29)