Victoria Spruce

Well friends, it's been a while but I'm back with a beautiful collection from Victoria Spruce.

Wonderful mini bio via NJAL:
"Victoria Spruce is a footwear designer, originally from Kent but now based in London. Victoria has recently graduated with an MA in Womenswear Footwear from Royal College of Art (2011), and has always been inspired by architecture, sculpture and structure, which is clearly visible throughout her footwear collections. Emphasized by her use of hard materials combined with soft leathers, she gives a vivid contrast between the traditional and the new. Also evident throughout her collections, is the belief that the upper and heel should be thought about as one, and not 2 separate pieces that are joined at the end. This is emphasized further by the fluidity of line that Victoria uses consistently to create organic, flowing shapes that evolve around the foot."

Read the rest of her interview on NJAL here.

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