Majo Fruithof: Collection 2009

Serious jewelry by Majo Fruithof. I love how complete the aesthetic is from the insanely stunning jewelry to the perfection of the photography and styling. Everything is thought through and beautifully executed. A couple of strengths (among many) of this collection: the sculptural quality that allows each piece to live as separately without relying on the body, there is a wonderful fusion of nostalgic references to the past with the contemporary aesthetics of absolute precision and perfection. Among the many materials used, Fruithof has crafted this collection with some interesting ingredients: black iron, gold beryl, red gold and morganite.

It's hard to choose a favorite from pieces I've chosen to post from her 2009 collection, but I think for now I'll go with the black teardrop earrings... and the art deco morganite earrings... and the cuffs... Well, at least I tried!

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  1. Anonymous24.1.09

    I actually gasped when I saw the earrings. Amazing. I really love them.