Mia on Milwaukee

Always cute, I love this outfit that Mia has put together. The shirt is a pretty take on a classic summer shirt, mashing pin stripes, seersucker and bold stripes together. Pairing it with a darker, slightly purple blue skirt and cinching it all in with a rich, textured brown belt makes the proportions very flattering. The red shoes are an adorable addition and make this outfit sing with personal style.

If she's not biking around the city on her pretty cruiser, you'll find stylish Mia at Brooklyn Industries.


  1. Anonymous1.8.09

    Mia is very cute.

    Glad to see the Chicago Sartorialist is back!

  2. Anonymous1.8.09

    Hey. That is a great picture of Mia. I didn't realize that you knew her. Say hi to her and Paul if for me if you see them.

    - Kevin