Peter Pilotto

This is a selection of beautiful looks from Peter Pilotto's last two collections. I love the shapes, textures and colors but I think the tall patent leather boots take away from some of the looks. Maybe a thinner silhouette of a boot would be more complimentary. It seems to overtake the elegance of the clothing as well as the gorgeous patterns and colors.

"Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are the designers behind the Peter Pilotto label. Pilotto is half-Austrian, half-Italian and De Vos is half-Belgian, half-Peruvian. They met whilst studying at Antwerp's prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the year 2000.

Pilotto is focused toward textile and print whereas De Vos concentrates more on silhouette and drape. However the duo work beyond their individual perimeters to create something new, their process being very organic and beyond an integration of the two fields."

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