Balenciaga: Spring 2009

For Balenciaga's Spring 2009 collection Nicolas Ghesquière had a simple foundation: to explore materiality, the play between matte vs. shiny surfaces and how they react to light. I think this collection is incredible in so many ways. At times it is very subdued and futuristic, but quickly moves to being dreamy, fantastic and, for lack of a better word, digital.

The review states that the "genius of Balenciaga is Ghesquière's projection of couture techniques into the world of new technology." This collection successfully takes on the idea of new technology or futuristic clothing because: 1) the ideas are infused into the clothing and materials (as opposed to being superficially quoted - we've seen a lot of this in the past and it makes for some very cheesy collections.) and 2) there is wonderful subtlety and expert editing overall. My little piece of criticism: I'm not a fan of the pants and the models are too pale and stern looking.

See the entire collection here. Check out the beautiful campaign images on the Balenciaga site.

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